Power Curve Garage

Another Power Curve Tool !


Here is a new tool that lets you change the power curve of your bikes in MCM2, or change the plate number by the number of your choice. Let us thank Mr Plex for this software.

Installation: simply download the garage.exe file and paste it in the installation path of the game (e.g. C:\Program Files\Motocross Madness 2).

Do Not use Power Curve Garage for Online Tag, Nationals and Supercross: it’s Cheating!

Télécharger “Garage”

Garage.zip – Téléchargé 1005 fois – 11,98 Ko

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  • cant get garage.exe to work inside the program you can type in the numbers in garage exe but when you open mcm2 they are not there this is in windows 7 btw seems to work in ME and some others

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